Diversifying the Investment Horizon.

Curated private real estate funds for busy professionals.


We create diverse private equity real estate funds.

At Cira Capital Group, our main purpose is to create private equity real estate funds to help busy professionals diversify their traditional portfolios.  By pooling investors’ capital and investing with world-class operators, we create diversification within private equity real estate that is otherwise unavailable to most investors.

“Sensible investors pursue diversification as a policy to reduce risk, not as a tactic to chase performance.”  David Swensen


To increase access to exclusive investments.

For many years, we struggled to build our own diverse portfolio of private equity real estate assets.  Not only were we too busy to spend weeks meeting and vetting partners, but we felt the minimum investments in most opportunities were too high—even though we were “accredited investors.”  With enough capital to participate in only a few opportunities, our portfolio was concentrated and required too much risk.  We figured there must be a better way.


By building trust that is continually verified.

Having confidence in your operating partners is the single most important variable to successfully investing in private equity real estate.  Developing that trust takes time and is an ongoing process.  We have spent years building trust with the operators we select and the investors we serve.

Investor and Operator connections


Experienced professionals with a passion for real estate.

We, the founders of Cira Capital Group, have decades of experience in consulting, construction, and finance.  This expertise paved the road to where we are today.  Our investing journey began in 2011 with residential development, allowing us to draw on decades of work in the residential and commercial construction industries.  Over the next 10 years, we focused on expanding our portfolio and refining our strategies.  

We now bring these opportunities to busy professionals like us through our curated private real estate funds, helping them free up time, grow wealth, and accelerate passive income.

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