The Best Performing Cities of 2017

The Milken Institute, a nonpartisan and nonprofit think tank that focuses on increasing global prosperity, recently released their Best Performing US Cities list for 2017. The list ranks US cities by growth in jobs, wages, salaries, and technology output over five years. Provo, UT topped the 2017 list due to its strong growth in jobs emanating from Brigham Young University and its high-tech industries. The second and third place cities, Raleigh, NC and Dallas, TX, benefited from their welcoming business climates and lower costs. These and other factors attracted a broad range of corporate relocations away from coastal tech cities.

For real estate estate and business professionals alike, the report provides great insight into what drives growth in our economy and our metropolitan areas. It also sheds light on why certain areas perform better than others. If you’re looking at which cities to invest in this year, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to review the highlights and the report itself.

The Milken Institute’s top ten list for 2017 is reproduced below for reference:

1) Provo, UT

2) Raleigh, NC

3) Dallas, TX

4) San Francisco, CA

5) Fort Collins, CO

6) Sarasota, FL

7) Orlando, FL

8) Nashville, TN

9) Austin, TX

10) Salt Lake City, UT

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