Mark Cira

Mark Cira is a registered CPA in Illinois, CFO of Cogent Security Consulting, and a co-founder of Cira Capital Group.  Since 2002, he has overseen the planning and construction of more than $30 billion of industrial assets.  His experience working in legal and consulting firms such as Schiff Hardin LLP, Navigant Consulting, and Ernst and Young has honed his skills for sourcing opportunities, vetting operators, and performing due diligence.  Since 2015, Mark has diversified into passive real estate investments, including multifamily, mobile home parks, and self-storage assets.  He applies his long-tenured expertise to private real estate, where his passion for investing has resulted in general partnerships worth more than $25 million of commercial real estate assets.  Mark is also a co-founder of Hardscrabble Developments, which builds reasonably priced, mid-market, single-family homes and condos in Chicago.