Investment Strategy

We understand that successfully investing in real estate is all about trust. That’s why our strategy is focused on building genuine relationships with our investors and connecting them to rigorously vetted operating partners.

  1. We get to know our investors, understand their investment goals, and educate them about the fundamentals of real estate investing. 
  2. Behind the scenes, we are identifying and verifying operating partners with strong track records.
  3. By developing curated funds, we limit our investors’ exposure to any one operator, market, or investment. Rest assured that we invest right alongside them to maintain the alignment of our mutual interests.

Our Commitment to Investors

We will treat your investment as if it were our own.  

We will remain significant investors in our funds.  

We will invest for the long term, prioritizing capital preservation over capital multiplication. 

We will seek to maximize returns and minimize risk to achieve a diverse portfolio along the efficient frontier.  

We will strive to minimize management and operating fees to enhance returns for investors. 

We will communicate with our investment partners clearly, candidly, and in a timely manner.

We expect our operators to provide the same commitment, and our due diligence process reflects this.

Our Investment Process


We strive to provide diverse opportunities that span multiple markets, industry sectors, and properties. As a result, we are constantly evaluating operating partners.


We focus on the team’s track record and its level of integrity to understand how they treat their investors. Nine times out of ten, the investment results are a product of the quality of the sponsor and how they treat their investors.


We look at the team’s experience, background, investment thesis, and acquisition processes. We ask for references, perform on-site visits, and review financial performance. Most importantly, we focus on the character of its principals to understand how they treat their investors in order to build trust.



EDUCATE our investors on the fundamentals of the private real estate market and attributes of investment opportunities

INFORM investors of important trends and developments in the economy and their impact on the market and current opportunities

INVEST alongside investors, putting “skin in the game” to ensure that our priorities are aligned with theirs

MONITOR fund performance and produce periodic, transparent reporting to our investors

DISTRIBUTE returns generated through the fund’s investments to our investors



IDENTIFY operating partners with strong track records of performance and attractive business strategies

EVALUATE the operators’ ability to meet our objectives and their projections through an extensive due diligence process

BUILD TRUST by reviewing the operators’ track record and speaking with their current investors and professional service providers 

FUND our selected investments that meet our criteria and complement our investment strategy

ASSESS the deployment of capital and execution of business plan to ensure top performance

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